Root canal treatment

Endodontology what is commonly called root canal treatment. The aim of this procedure is to remove infections, usually caused by tooth decay or injury, within the root canal system of the tooth.

If the infection is not removed, it can cause an abscess, which can be extremely painful, damage the bone around the tooth. It will lead to loss of the affected tooth and the patient will need to replace it with dentures, bridgework or a dental implant.

Root canal treatment kills the bacteria that penetrate into the tooth, remove the dead tissues from the inside of the tooth and fill the tooth, in order to prevent a new infection.

Our goal is to save your natural teeth where possible and with the minimum discomfort to you.

Urszula’s special interest is in Endodontics and she has undergone many year of extra training to diagnose and manage more challenging cases with greater success. She is expert in performing contemporary dental techniques such as Reciproc, ultrasonics and digital imaging.

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